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Avon® Selling Tips That Work with Things to Sell from Home

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Of all the things to sell from home like Avon®, Avon is one of the oldest and best-known brands. That makes it easier to sell. Being a success in selling Avon is a learned ability. Anyone can do it with the right mindset and the right skillset. We’ve compiled these Avon selling tips to help you be a winner in business.

Avon Selling Tips - Work from home using Digital Marketing

Success in Selling Things from Home: Mindset

Making money selling Avon—or selling anything from home—has little to do with your personality, but everything to do with your mindset. How you approach the job (and it is a job!) makes all the difference. Here are things to keep in mind:

  • Believe in what you are selling. If you truly love the products, that enthusiasm shows. And it is catching. You’ll be motivated to learn about their features and will be eager to share them with people who can benefit. Of all the Avon selling tips, this one is the most important. You can’t fake it.
  • Be authentic. When you true to yourself, whether shy or outgoing, formal or casual, you build trust and put customers at ease. Selling Avon is personal. You are making personal connections with your customers. That is why it is important to be yourself.
  • Have patience. Selling things from home like Avon is a numbers game and a time game. You have to have patience to talk to many people, because only a few will buy. And you have to have patience to keep in contact, because some people take their time to buy. You might have to talk to them three, five, ten times before you get a yes. Patience gives you the stamina to keep going.
  • Don’t force a sale. This goes hand in hand with patience. People will buy when they are ready. They don’t like to feel pressured. You might get them to give in to a hard sell once, but they will avoid you ever after. You want people to feel comfortable enough with you so that they can “window shop.” Being helpful and easy to talk to helps customers let down their guards, which is ideal for long-term, profitable relationships.
  • Understand your customer—and stand in their shoes. Don’t focus on what you are selling. Pay attention to what they need. Discover their interests and wants, and then suggest products that fit. Focusing on the customer, not selling product, makes the interaction fun and enjoyable.
  • Ask for the order. Many inexperienced sales people create rapport and interest and wait for the customer to say “I want it.” That might never happen. So when you think the time is right, ask. And if you aren’t sure, you can ask a “test close” question that is less direct. “Which color do you prefer,” or “Would you like overnight delivery or the money-saving two day option?”
  • Get help. Avon wants you to be a success. The Your Avon Pathways section of the Avon website (exclusive and accessible to only to registered Avon Representatives) offers a rich library of materials to help you sell.
  • Learn constantly. You will get the basics when you sign up to start selling Avon, but even the most seasoned pro knows that learning is an ongoing process. Set aside regular time to learn more about Avon, its programs, and how to sell—The Digital Marketing School is an ideal free resource.
  • Schedule work hours. When you sell things from home like Avon, it is easy to let day to day pressures and obligations get in the way. It isn’t like a job where you have to clock in. No boss is watching. Because you are your own boss, you have to discipline yourself. Decide how much time you can devote to selling Avon. Set a schedule that fits into your days and weeks. Then keep to it. Being successful with Avon takes regular and sustained effort.
  • Set goals for yourself. Striving to achieve something can keep you motivated and focused. Setting goals and tracking progress is a great way to keep tabs on your business and see what works. Focus helps you carve out regular time for your business. A disciplined schedule keeps procrastination at bay.
62 Ideas for Selling Avon From Home

62 Ideas for Selling Avon that Work: Skillset

Here are some proven methods that work with things to sell from home like Avon. Give them a try and you will soon discover the ones that work best for your situation and style. Don’t use one at a time. These methods work best when you combine a few of them together to work in unison:

  1. Bridal fair shows and demos
  2. County fair booths
  3. Craft bazar tables
  4. Mall events
  5. Job fair make-overs
  6. Church fairs
  7. Birthday party sample and try
  8. Holiday open houses
  9. Do face painting for grown-ups!
  10. Personalize all cards, tips, brochures, and catalogs with your name and contact info
  11. Leave makeup tip cards everywhere
  12. Join clubs and community groups and share
  13. Wear Avon pins, shirts, hats—let everyone know you are a rep
  14. Put an Avon sticker on your car; an Avon sign in your yard
  15. Hand out your card and brochure to everyone (in a friendly, non-pushy way)
  16. Pin makeup tip cards on bulletin boards in stores, restaurants, gyms, doctor offices, hairdressers, libraries, gas stations, day care centers–EVERYWHERE
  17. Include a card in every bill you pay and every envelope you send
  18. Leave brochures and catalogs in lunch rooms and waiting rooms
  19. Add an Avon message to your voicemail
  20. Volunteer to do makeovers at hospitals
  21. Offer a makeup demo at bridal shops
  22. Host parties in your home
  23. Ask friends and customers to host a “what’s new this season” makeup class
  24. Gather mailing lists and send brochures
  25. Follow up with phone calls
  26. Collect email addresses of people who opt in to get mail and send promotional information
  27. Offer a brush cleaning tutorial
  28. Offer goodie bags at local events
  29. Donate gift packages to local charity fund raisers
  30. Offer bring-a-friend discounts
  31. Gather business cards in a fishbowl
  32. Offer make-overs to local business people
  33. Offer a Father’s Day pampering package
  34. Offer a prom season custom makeup demo
  35. Connect with local hospitals and healthcare organizations to lead pampering sessions
  36. Create a new mom package and demo
  37. Make your own web site in addition to your Avon site
  38. Learn a little search engine optimization (The Digital Marketing School can help)
  39. Connect to customers on social media with tips and sharing
  40. Run seasonal color surveys on Facebook or Instagram
  41. Create how-to and what’s-new videos to share on YouTube, your web site, and social media
  42. Use the power of three: Hand out your card to anyone within three feet of you, contact three new people every day,  use three different ways to connect with them
  43. Sell at yard sales
  44. Participate in fund raisers
  45. Offer one-on-one online training through free video calling services
  46. Schedule video conference calls for your best customers and prospects to demo new products
  47. Conduct monthly prize drawings with nicely packaged prizes
  48. Surprise customers with free samples
  49. Always have your card, brochures, flyers and samples on you, ready for casual conversations
  50. Spend at least a half hour a week on to stay up to date on the latest offers and incentives
  51. Create a newsletter to email to regular customers
  52. Become an eRep to access more Avon resources—including discount codes for your customers
  53. Always upsell and cross-sell—offer a go-with item or buy one, get one
  54. Attend sales meetings and stay engaged with your district representative
  55. Network with and learn from top Avon leaders in person and online
  56. Consider becoming an Avon leader yourself; you get more than you give
  57. Offer holiday promotions—connecting to local celebrations is extra effective
  58. Offer special deals for new customers, old customers, largest customers
  59. Start a birthday club and deliver a sample gift package on a customer’s birthday
  60. Ask for referrals
  61. Take advantage of all Avon online training and conference call updates
  62. Take advantage of the focused Avon selling campaigns and brochures—there are 26 two-week campaigns a year

Avon Selling Tips: Commitment, Focus, Momentum

The right mindset combined with a winning skillset, put you on a course for success in selling Avon. It takes commitment to a schedule you set for yourself. Do you have two hours a week? Two days a week? Whatever it is, commit and stick to it. Then focus on what you want to achieve and your plan for achieving it. Keep the momentum going. Some days are successful; some are empty. Momentum keeps you going through the normal ups and downs of business. Put these Avon selling tips to work, and you will build a profitable business that you truly enjoy.

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