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Making Money Selling Scentsy®

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Is selling Scentsy® worth it? Put time into learning about the product line and how to sell, and the answer is yes. With focused effort, you can turn Scentsy into a money-making home business. Being a “natural salesperson” is more about skill than personality. Using a combination of traditional and digital marketing puts you and your products in front of potential customers and paves the way to sales, even if you are a shy person.

Put Outbound Marketing to Work Selling Scentsy

You may have heard about “outbound marketing.” What that means is using various marketing methods to attract the attention of potential customers. Time-tested techniques include broadcast radio and television advertising and print in newspapers and magazines. Mainstays of direct sales and multi-level marketing are also categorized as outbound marketing. These include things like flyers on bulletin boards, sales tables at events and in shopping centers, and, of course, throwing parties, phoning and mailing people.

Digital marketing gives you even more ways to reach out. Email, pay-per-click ads and social media are digital marketing methods that are inexpensive and relatively easy. When you are just starting out, keeping expenses down while being effective at finding customers is the key to making money selling Scentsy. Even seasoned pros will need to keep an eye on marketing expenses and use methods that are low cost with high impact.

With both traditional and digital outbound marketing, you will get your best results by combining several outreach methods together. When potential customers see your message in more ways and more places, you have a better chance of breaking through the clutter and being remembered.  Your individual efforts work in unison across channels, one building on the other.

Learning the Scentsy Product Line to Sell more Scentsy Products

Learn the Scentsy Product Line

Scentsy is more than just home fragrance. Take the time to really get to know the other products in categories like laundry and cleaning, body care, kids’ products, and travel. Your knowledge and enthusiasm will establish trust and rapport with customers. When you believe in the products, your enthusiasm is catching and compelling. Scentsy wants you to be a success and gives you a ton of support for learning and sharing on Workstation Scentsy.

Know Your Potential Customer

Knowing and loving the product is not enough. You have to really understand your customer. The buyer for kids’ products might be quite different from the one buying home fragrance. Their needs and motivations will vary, too. If you can answer these questions, you’ll be miles ahead:

  1. Who are the potential buyers for each product line?
  2. What are the needs of each group? What are the triggers that might prompt them to buy?
  3. For each group of potential customers, where do they spend time? What are their interests? How do they get information? What media do they use?

You might find it helpful to create a spreadsheet to organize your thinking. As you get more experience selling Scentsy, add your insights to the spreadsheet.


Disney Scentsy Buddy for Kids

Needs addressed:

Calming, feeling at home, enjoyment, love

Type of person:

Mom, grandmother

Relevant messages

Make a new friend” “Enjoy kid-approved fragrance”

Where they get information:

Magazines, word of mouth

Where they go:

Community events, team sports activities, craft fairs

Taking the time to think through product lines and match them with buyers is time that will pay off when it comes to selling Scentsy.

Planning to be Successful with Scentsy - Digital Marketing School

Planning to Be Successful

Making selling Scentsy worth it requires planning. Effort alone won’t do it. You need to focus your energy so you don’t waste time or burn out. And realistically, life can get in the way, stealing your focus and causing you to procrastinate. If you can commit to a solid plan that works with your specific situation, your success won’t fade. You will build and build.

  • Figure out how much time you can regularly give to building your business, being realistic about the other pressures in your life.
  • Lay out a schedule that fits selling Scentsy into your week. You might have to work around your day job and family commitments.
  • With your schedule in place, keep to the routine. Try not to let things get in the way. Your schedule can be quite specific, laying out tasks like putting out flyers, calling customers, or learning more about Scentsy. The key is consistency.
  • Define goals that will keep you motivate through distractions and set-backs. Ask friends and family to help you stay focused. Everyone needs cheerleaders.
  • Patience is a necessity. To find one customer, you might need to talk to ten or twenty. And to get that customer to buy, you might need to interact with them more than once.
  • Never skimp on learning. The Scentsy Consultant Guide will help, as will exploring the Scentsy site. Take advantage of Scentsy online training. And, of course, you can turn to the Digital Marketing School—it is free.

Ideas for Making Money Selling Scentsy

Now that you understand how outbound marketing can work for you, here are some ideas for your plan for selling Scentsy.

Make Money Selling Scentsy - Sharing your Scentsy Products

1. Parties and beyond—sharing the product.

Scent has to be experienced before you can sell it. That’s why in-person selling is the single most important method in your outbound marketing tool kit. Let people breathe it, live it:

  • Host parties and ask friends and family members to host; make sure to have a bowl for collecting cards and always follow up
  • Donate Scentsy items for goodie bags and giveaways at events and fundraisers
  • If your area has a formal newcomers welcome program, create a gift pack
  • Participate and show at wedding expos, craft fairs, sidewalk sales, church bazaars, farmers markets, beauty and health seminars
  • Scent is key to mood, and memory, so wellness workshops and cancer support groups may welcome you eagerly
Networking to Sell more Scentsy Products

2. Network like crazy.

Join organizations that fit your business and the Scentsy product. Networking is about meeting people, not directly selling, so don’t push product. Networking works best if you take on a “giving” attitude. Volunteer, host talks, contribute product. Business clubs for entrepreneurs, the chamber of commerce, and Rotary will help you operate. Service clubs like the Lions, health and wellness Meet-Ups®, support groups, and charities give you a chance to let people experience the product. Always have business cards and product samples. And don’t limit networking to formal events. You can meet people in line at the store, in waiting rooms and sports events. Here are some conversation tips:

  • Start the conversation. Most people like to be noticed. But pay attention to how they respond and leave them alone if you sense they would rather not engage.
  • Bring up that you are a Scentsy consultant and that you sell the product—but don’t go further unless they express interest.
  • Wear Scentsy pins, hats and clothing. Let people know you sell Scentsy without anyone having to ask.
Spreading the Word About Scentsy Leads to More Conversions

3. Spread the word.

Put business cards, flyers, brochures and literature around town to get your name out.

  • Put cards and flyers on bulletin boards in stores, restaurants, community centers, churches, and sports venues
  • Ask if you can leave a brochure in waiting areas at the hairdresser, dentist, doctor, yoga studio—and even the car repair shop
  • Include a card or flyer when you pay bills or send anything to anyone
  • Old fashioned mail through the post office still works
  • On your voicemail message, be sure to mention that you sell Scentsy
  • On your email sign-off, mention Scentsy and include links
Make a Scentsy Website to get Digital Sales

4. Make your own Scentsy website.

While it is probably worth it to maintain your site on Scentsy for $10 a month, consider also investing in your own site—and link the two. You will control the content, can engage with people on our terms, and gather leads. You don’t have to be a technology guru with today’s easy do-it-yourself options.

Sell Scentsy with Digital Marketing Taught at Digital Marketing School

5. Use digital marketing.

You need to drive traffic to your website to reap the value. Here is how:

  • Open one social media account on a popular platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Don’t be tempted to open accounts everyone. It is better to focus on doing one really well. Once you have that going, you can expand from there.
  • Interact with people on social media—that’s the “social” part of it. Constantly pushing product will push people away. Offer advice and tips and engage in real conversation.
  • Pictures and video will get more attention than a plain text message.
  • Email newsletters and timely tips to customers and prospects. Don’t be pushy, or people will avoid your emails. You have to provide real value in every one you send or people hit delete.

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