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How to Earn Money from Home

Digital marketing is the best way to earn money from home—no matter what your home business. It used to be making money from home meant going out to sell at craft shows and at parties, plastering the town bulletin boards with business cards in your spare time. No longer. You can literally earn money without leaving the house. Let’s explore how digital marketing can turn a side hustle into a big dollar income.

A Make Money from Home Triple Revolution

The internet makes earning money from home in three ways:

  • The internet spawned new ways to make money from home that were not practical before.
  • The makes markets—connecting buyers and sellers in markets that are both sprawling large and highly focused
  • The internet makes marketing yourself, your talents, and your products and services easier, cheaper and more effective

New Ways to Make Money from Home

Here are ways to make a few extra dollars or thousands. And they are not mutually exclusive. Your side hustle can easily become a bunch of side hustles.


1. Answer Surveys for Money

Sign up on websites that offer to pay you to take surveys. Most will pay you only $5, but other more specialized, in-depth ones can pay $100. Take a few and they really add up. Sign up on many online survey sites, as each site has a different process and ways to qualify you. You want the best chance of getting selected. Some of the more popular sites are Survey Junkie, (pays you directly into your PayPal account) Swagbucks (you get $10 just for joining), Vindale Research (pays as high as $50), InboxDollars (a $5 signup bonus) and MyPoints ($10 Amazon gift card to start) are popular options. To avoid lots of email spam, create an email account specifically for invitations to answer surveys.

2. Watch videos and get paid

Yep—you can earn money watching videos in your spare time. Swagbucks, mentioned above, does more than surveys. You can watch and react to movie previews, news segments, advertisements, and celebrity clips. You have to watch the whole video, then answer questions about it.

3. Volunteer to be tracked for money

Companies want to know every detail about how you shop and what you buy. Companies have created apps to track just that. Volunteer and sign up, and you can earn cash. The ShopTracker app starts by getting some basic information about you. You launch the app your device which then starts tracking you. You get $3 to start and then get paid every month. How much you earn depends on what you buy and how often. You might have heard of Nielsen TV ratings. Now they have a program for tracking you on mobile devices. It isn’t big bucks–just $50 a year—but it’s easy money at Nielsen Mobile Panel.

4. Test websites

You don’t have to be a technology genius to have a worthwhile opinion about a website. User Testing will pay you to visit a site, try to perform a few tasks, then get your thoughts on things like usability, design, and expectations. Their app records your screen and voice. You can earn almost $30 an hour.


5. Freelance as a writer

If you have a knack for the written work and know search engine optimization, finding writing gigs can earn you thousands of dollars a month in side gigs. You can find freelance writing gigs on sites like Upwork PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, and Demand Media.

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