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Part 2:

In this class, you will learn to create interesting and memorable blog posts, videos, and graphics that your customers will want to share.

content marketing class - learn how to use content for marketing

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the role of non-promotional content in marketing
  • Apply a framework for writing and evaluating your content
  • Conduct research on the actual language your customers use
  • Identify content marketing ideas that will work for your business
  • Create shareable content and get more people to see your content
  • Generate content overnight without any writing skills
Content Marketing Class - SEO expert teaches students how to create highly shareable content

Create Highly Shareable Content

Ever wondered how some things go viral? I’ll share a tool that expert Digital Marketers use to uncover hidden content ideas that will allow you to write blog posts, videos, and infographics that get shared, liked, and commented on.

Content Marketing Class - Learn how to generate content overnight

Generate Content Overnight

Not a great writer? Most business aren’t. I share with you the easiest, least expensive ways to create amazing content for your blog and social media.

Content Marketing Class - Marketing guru teaches you how to get more people to see your content

Get More People to See Your Content

I’ll show you the way digital marketing pros get more life out of their content and reach a much wider audience you ever thought possible. Through repurposing content, you will extend the life of your content and streamline a very important part of your content marketing strategy.

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