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Part 1:

In this class, you will develop essential digital marketing strategies that will lay the foundation for all of your marketing tactics.

Digital Marketing Strategy Class - SEO Expert Offers Marketing Course

What You'll Learn

  • Assess and refine your business’s values and mission statement
  • Define your customer using the customer persona tool
  • Define your unique value proposition (UVP)
  • Develop and deliver your business’s elevator pitch
  • Understand the value and role of marketing data
  • Learn how to appeal to customers across the Loyalty Loop
Digital Marketing Strategy Class - SEO Expert Explains Customer Persona

Develop a Customer Persona

Understanding your customers is essential. Your very own Customer Persona will help keep your marketing focused on the right customers. And it will help you create content that makes them pay attention.

Digital Marketing Strategy - SEO and marketing teacher explaining UVP (Unique Value Proposition)

Write a Unique Value Proposition

Your business is unique. But many business owners fail to describe what they do and how their business is different from competitors. A unique value proposition is a short blurb that you will use on your website, in social media, in Email, and even for SEO. It will really help you sell.

Digital Marketing Strategy Class - Marketing Expert Explains Elevator Pitch Formula

Develop an Elevator Pitch

This is how you get people interested in your business. Whether you have plans to pitch your business on Shark Tank or you plan to raise capital through more traditional means, you need a short, concise, and persuasive description of your business. That’s where the Elevator Pitch comes in.

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