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Selling with Thirty-One®: Finding More Customers and Making More Money

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The time you invest in learning as a professional consultant selling with Thirty-One® will pay-off every day—now and into the future. Selling 31 is something you learn. Add consistent hard work and focus, and you have a recipe for more sales success. Whether you are shy or out-going, you have what it takes to be a “natural salesperson,” and the Digital Marketing School is here to help.

Selling Thirty-One: Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing

Going out to find potential customers is the definition of outbound marketing. Traditional examples include television and radio advertising, print ads, catalogs, flyers and cards on bulletin boards. Selling 31 at parties is a tried-and-true outbound marketing technique, as are tables at shows and in shopping centers, or going door-to-door and making phone calls.  

Nowadays, we have digital marketing options, too. Email, pay-per-click ads, and social media are inexpensive and easy—plus you can measure results and find out  what works for you. You can experiment to constantly improve your results. Whether you are new at selling Thirty-One, or are a seasoned pro, digital outbound marketing can turbo-charge your sales.

Potential Thirty-One Customer - Finding More Thirty-One Customers

Think about the Thirty-One Customer

To more effectively sell Thirty-One, ask these key questions about people who might become customers:

  • Who might be interested in the products in Thirty-One line-up? Think about who is buying storage and organization versus gifts, jewelry or gym bags.
  • What do potential buyers need or want? What problems do your products solve?
  • Where do people who might buy spend their time? Where do they get information? How do they spend their time?

Thirty-One’s products each have a different appeal, so thinking it through will open new ideas and opportunities for you. Standing in your customers’ shoes will spark new ideas for selling 31. To keep it all straight, consider creating a spreadsheet with headings like:


Personalized photo pillow

Needs addressed:

Commemorate an event, gift for a grandparent

Type of person:

Someone with something to celebrate

Relevant messages:

“Create a soft and beautiful statement”, “Customized gift for someone special”, “Create a personalized message”, “Many print and embroidery thread colors”

Where they get information

Gift ideas web sites and blogs

Where they go

Message therapist, chiropractor, doctor, gyms and sports facilities

With a solid understanding of who might buy and where to connect to them, it is time to start selling Thirty-One. Look for ways to get your message out; the more places the better. Use more than one technique when spreading your message—repetition works!

Selling Thirty-One at Fairs and Events - Marketing

1. Fairs, and events.

In-person selling is proven profitable when selling Thirty-One. Because people like to see and touch the product, here are some ideas:

  • Wedding fairs
  • County fairs
  • Craft fairs
  • Sidewalk sales and back to school at the mall
  • Church fairs
  • Hold a moving into the dorm workshop
  • Plan party themes around Father’s Day
  • Farmers markets and bake sales
  • Races and walk-a-thons
  • Holiday markets
  • Welcome wagon and moving day
  • Charity fashion shows
Attend Social Events to Market your Thirty-One Products and Make More Money

2. Get involved in your community.

Network to meet potential customers and let them know you are a Thirty-One consultant. Organizations that mesh with Thirty-One products can open doors when  you volunteer, host demos, or get involved. Here are places to start:

  • Entrepreneur clubs
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Community service clubs like Lions and Rotary
  • Charities
  • Sports boosters
  • Fashion and décor meetups

3. Network everywhere.

Never go anywhere without your business cards or catalogs. Use the product. Thirty-One bags are eye-catching and invite compliments. That’s a perfect chance for you to tell people you sell 31. If you are shy or don’t have a lot of experience with small talk, here are some tips:

  • Watch the other person’s reactions. If they don’t seem talkative, don’t push.
  • Guide the conversation to relevant topics about fashion, organization, or carrying things. Standing in line with people buying groceries on a hot day can be a good time to mention thermals, for example.
  • Don’t hard sell or push Thirty-One. You want to make a good impression and leave a card. Make it easy for people to approach you in the future.
  • Have you heard of the rule of three? Give your card to anyone within three feet.
  • Use Thirty-One products—they sell themselves, especially seen in action

4. Spread the Thirty-One news through cards, brochures, and catalogs.

Distribute your business cards, flyers, brochures, and literature in high-traffic areas to extend your “reach” and connect with more people than you can contact personally.

  • Use Thirty-One sales materials and gather advice from the consultant section of the Thirty-One website
  • Post materials on bulletin boards in restaurants, stores, community centers, and sports venues—rather than a generic card, promote something timely, like Father’s Day or graduation ideas in May and June.
  • Leave Thirty-One brochures in waiting areas, from auto care shops to beauty salons, gyms, and doctors’ offices.
  • When paying bills and sending letters, include a card.
  • Create mailing lists by collecting the contact information from everyone you know, and then gather lists from other sources. Always look for chances to send something to a new contact.
  • Be sure to mention Thirty-One in your voice mail greeting.
  • Create a Thirty-One message for your email signature block.

5. Share the product.

When people experience your product, they are likelier to buy. Selling Thirty-One is easier when you can get the product into people’s hands.

  • Parties are the mainstay of selling Thirty-One. Host your own events and organize themed get-togethers that friends and good customers can host.
  • Donate a product to charity events in your area or to give as a prize at competitions.
  • Moving and home organization. Be part of your town’s welcome wagon program.
  • Volunteer at events and prominently use the products—carry food in Thirty-One bags, use Thirty-One bags to organize materials. Make Thirty-One bags part of centerpieces and décor.
Make a Thirty-One Website to make Online Sales and Conversions

6. A Thirty-One website of your own is a must.

The Thirty-One website is a good start, but consider creating your own independent site. You can drive traffic to it, engage people with your own content, and gather leads. It should be the keystone of your digital marketing efforts. Today it is easy to create a site without being a technology geek, with tons of do-it-yourself options.

7. Online outbound marketing.

Drive visitors to your site so you can convert them to customers.

  • Use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Rather than opening accounts everywhere, focus on one and do it really well.
  • Make sure you are interacting, not just posting, so you are engaging in conversation.
  • Make it all about what your audience needs, not about pushing your product. Solve their problems with the product instead of going for the hard sell.
  • Include pictures and video to get attention and tell your story.
  • Post questions, ask advice, and respond every time.
  • Use email to stay in touch with handy tips, fun uses, what’s new.

Selling Thirty-One: It’s all in the Approach

Beyond the tips and ideas, you have to have the right attitude. Keep these concepts in mind:

  • Believe in the product. People can tell if you are enthusiastic about the Thirty-One product line—and that is catching.
  • Be true to yourself. No particular personality type does a better job than another. What’s important is to be authentic and trustworthy.
  • Patience pays. Selling 31 is about timing and volume. You have to talk to lots of people sometimes more than once, before they pull out their wallets.
  • Avoid being pushy. People need to be ready to buy and you need to be there when they are ready. If you push, you might turn them off. People don’t like pressure, but will respond if you are helpful and make them comfortable.
  • Don’t forget to ask for the order. Don’t wait for the customer to ask. If you want to come off as less pushy, test the waters asking, “Is this the right size for you?” or “Do you like this fabric best?” or even “How would you like to personalize it?”
  • Be an ongoing learner. The Thirty-One site offers resources and the Digital Marketing School are a good free resource.
  • Keep to a schedule. Put focusing on your business into your routine. Schedule the hours you can comfortably commit to, given your other responsibilities, then treat those hours like a real job.
  • Challenge yourself with goals. They will keep you on track through procrastination and distractions that are part of life.

Selling Thirty-One with Hard Work, Focus, and Clever Ideas

Outbound marketing techniques can empower you in selling Thirty-One. These ideas are meant as a start. Our hope is you will use your creativity to make them your own and add to them. We are here to support you at no cost, with no gimmicks as you grow and succeed.

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