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How to Learn Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing Training Options

Digital Marketing Training Options in 2019 - Learn Digital Marketing Online

Why learn digital marketing? Digital marketing is a burgeoning industry offering interesting careers (link to What It’s Like Working in Digital Marketing) in a well-paying field (link to What a Digital Marketer Can Earn). With demand so high for skilled workers in this complex field (link to What Digital Marketers Nee dot Know), and with digital marketing being so critical to building online businesses today, getting digital marketing training is an investment in success. Our previous blogs article on Where to Learn Digital Marketing provides a good starting background. This article goes into detail on your digital marketing training options.

Learn Digital Marketing at University or College

University Programs

Marketing degrees have been offered by most universities for decades, but now, leading institutions have added digital marketing specializations to their catalogs. You can earn a bachelor’s degree with a digital marketing major and even go on to earn a master’s in the field. If you already have a college degree, consider a non-degree certificate program to beef up your digital marketing knowledge and skills. offers a list of 40 university digital marketing programs around the country. And don’t forget to consider your local community college.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Programs

University programs can be expensive. Many people don’t have the ability to take time off from their careers to go back to school and find night and weekend programs too much to swing. If you want highly practical, highly affordable training with a flexible schedule and pace, you have plenty of online digital marketing training options. Our course at the Digital Marketing School is an example that falls into this category. It is not our aim to sell you on our program, but programs like ours do give you a comprehensive understanding of the digital marketing field from strategy, to content marketing, website building, SEO, email, and social media. The course is online, so it is easy to fit into your schedule. Online programs like this one are affordable and get you off to a fast start in a way that university programs cannot.

We are not the only game in town. The American Marketing Association has started a new program in partnership with LinkedIn Learning® to offer Professional Certified Marketer® certificates. They have recently added a comprehensive digital marketing certificate to their catalog, along with some focused options. You don’t have to be an AMA member to take the class, but membership saves $100 of the cost of each course. The Content Marketing Institute offers the Content Marketing University. While taught through a content marketing lens, the material is applicable to online selling, too. If earning credentials through certification is important, this training is a good option. It is on the pricey side–$995 per course. In addition to the certification track, you will find a blog rich in research, advice, how-to articles, and tips. If you have no money to invest, Neil Patel’s Quick Sprout University is an option. He offers a series of in-depth blog entries that cover online marketing, from content marketing, to email, to search engine optimization. While not presented as a comprehensive course program, you will get basics if you dig. You just have to be organized, self-directed, and commit to getting through the material.

Sponsored Thought Leadership

Companies offering digital marketing tools and services understand that thought leadership is a good way to market what they are selling. While these programs offer excellent training, they are also angled to sell a particular tactic and tool. This list is not meant to be encyclopedic, but does give you a flavor of what is available.

The Salesforce customer relationship management and the Pardot email platforms sponsor Trailhead. It offers an extensive menu of informative blog articles and how-to details. They have a certification program, as well, but that you set you back thousands.

The HubSpot Academy has taken a different route. They not only offer volumes of useful free content, their certification courses cost nothing at all.

The HootSuite Academy is focused on social media. They offer a mix of free courses and paid certifications. You will be added to their directory of professionals if you take paid training, which could help you market yourself.

Mail Chimp is focused on email marketing. The MailChimp 101 course teaches you how to use the platform, but also gives you a very solid foundation in understanding email marketing. Their site is packed with tutorials and tips, as well.

Marketo’s Learning Paths offers some basic free courses, a large catalog of paid courses, and a certification track. This marketing automation company offers a deeper focus into analytics and tracking.

Association Digital Marketing Training

Association Digital Marketing Training

And yet another way to learn digital marketing is by joining an association. We’ve already mentioned the Content Marketing Association and the American Marketing Association, but here are a few more to consider:

  • The Digital Marketing Association covers the entire field of digital marketing.
  • The Direct Marketing Association and the Association of National Advertisers have merged as ANA Data Marketing &Analytics to promote a “growth agenda.”
  • Digital Analytics Association is focused on data-driven marketing.
  • Internet Marketing Association has been around since 2001, and boasts an international and cross-functional membership.
  • The Web Marketing Association promotes competitive excellence, offering training, networking, and awards.
  • The Online Marketing Institute is education-centric with a subscription model for classes.
  • SEMPO is a search engine marketing professional organization serving the search and digital marketing industry.
  • The Email Experience Council bills itself as “the voice of the email marketing community,” offering networking and expertise to professionals in this area of specialization.
  • Focusing on social media marketing, the Social Marketing Association of North America offers a solid program of events and insight.
  • The Mobile Marketing Association is an international organization for mobile marketers.

Continuous Learning

Digital marketing is always changing. That is why learning digital marketing is a career-long commitment. Once you have completed your initial digital marketing training, you need to have an ongoing learning mentality of staying abreast of trends through blogs, webinars, and events. We invite you to subscribe to the Digital Marketing School to keep your skills sharp.

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